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Danta-Invest is a safe and secured option, which ensures steady growth on your investments with daily returns on an ongoing basis with no hustle and instantly.


Danta-Invest is backed by team of professionals, experts and specialist of trading market providing 24/7 guidance and support to the users ensuring a reliable system.


The most advanced intelligent monitoring technology with high level of professionalism of Danta-Invest provides safe returns on your investments ensuring maximum efficiency.

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Danta investment company was established on August 15th, 2016, with the intention of providing a guaranteed return on any investments made in the business. Returns on investments are guaranteed on the investing platform Dantainvest as soon as five (5) days following the investment's maturity term. With 25 years of expertise in the building industry, forex trading, medical equipment, cryptocurrency investment, agriculture and oil trading.
We are of the biggest institutional owners of cryptocurrencies and other investment platforms, Dantainvest is the top blockchain investment company. In 2012, a group of experienced exchange market traders launched Danta invest. After extensive deliberation and research into the brokerage service market, it was decided to establish a business that might meet the unmet need for trust asset management. One of the main goals while working on the lucrative but risky crypto market is to help clients who have trusted us with managing their assets to reduce their risks (regardless of the investment plan chosen).
The Danta invest team has experience in both traditional banking and emerging blockchain technology, and we are particularly interested in investing in both technologies as well as other important assets. Danta Investment Company is carrying out its strategic investment philosophy by building a diversified portfolio and providing industry-specific value-add resources to its portfolio companies. The company has strong relationships with some of the most promising entrepreneurs and other leading investors in the area. We see blockchains and digital currencies playing a significant, well-managed, and regulated role in the world economy over the coming few years.
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We create solutions for your investment needs

Sound Management Practices; Competent & Credible Traders; User Friendly Policies, Procedures and Systems; Proactive Service Philosophy and Strategy; Multiple Support Channels;

We are specialized in all four major investment sectors: Forex, Crypto, Stocks, & Real Estates.

Our purpose follows the competitive advantage through the strategic use of resources, to accommodate a changing trend in the market and make the best out of it.

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